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Residential area
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                                      Residential area "Cau del Llop"
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A very special place, where mountain and sea are combined and where one can enjoy daily the view of the sun coming up from the bottom of the sea, is the residential area “El Cau del Llop”. It is a strategic point of the Catalan coast, where you will be able to enjoy the natural surroundings, the pleasant sea silence - only broken by the irregular waves -, the “Cau del Llop” beach and a large amount of creeks situated along the “Camino de Ronda” a 4 km path which stretches along the coast, perfect for a pleasant promenade.

It’s the perfect place to practice any sport: snorkelling/scuba diving, fishing,
windsurfing, hiking/backpacking, cycling, etc.
It is frankly an ideal place to spend your holidays.

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