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Residential area
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                        Residential area "Carboneres - Farella"
      Apartment "Carboneres 1"                         Location

Located in the north of Costa Brava, in an incomparable natural environment, close to the protected natural parks of Albera and Cap de Creus, and surrounded by the small creeks of Carboneres and Farella and with the sea as the main protagonist of the picture. There we find ourselves in one of the most pleasant environments of the area.

The residential area “Les Carboneres”, it’s the perfect place to practice any sport: snorkelling/scuba diving, fishing,
windsurfing, hiking/backpacking, cycling, etc., just beside the Port of Llançà and 200 metres away from shops and restaurants
A magnificent range of cuisine offerings, with first-rate local produce, make Llançà the best place to spend an unforgettable vacation.

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